Diablo 3, a gamer’s review Jun22

Diablo 3, a gamer...

Players of the Diablo series of games from Blizzard have been waiting years for the third part, strangely I was not amongst them as I had never played the first two. However as so many of the folks in #DaGodz were planning to get it, and spend many an hour playing it, I decided I would join them and see what the excitement was all about.

That was a month ago.

Kindle gen 4

For quite some time I had been considering buying a new tablet. My trusty Archos 5 has done me well but it is ageing and I would like a lightweight device which lets me do many basic web tasks without needing to boot a PC and read eBooks. However most reasonable 10″ Android tablets aren’t that light, and they aren’t all that cheap either considering you are paying for a portable low power computer now.

So as I read regularly, and indeed have an increasingly large eBook library for web related subjects and fiction, I decided to get a Kindle.