Resolutions 2014 Dec31

Resolutions 2014

This time last year I decided to give resolutions a try again, with the best of intentions but perhaps like many people’s they were perhaps over ambitious. Review of 2013 Health I’m not sure if I should chalk this up as a win or not. Whilst I didn’t lose the weight I had...

Job hunting Feb05

Job hunting

If you don’t want to read the whole thing you can always jump to my summary with quick tips at the bottom. The redundancy Last year my time at Games Workshop ended as my role was made redundant, in a way I was a victim of my own success actually, and after 11 years working there it was...

Resolutions 2013 Dec31

Resolutions 2013

I haven’t made any New Years Resolutions in quite some time, and I rarely tried to stick to them when I did in the past, however this year I want to give it a shot. So here are my resolutions for this year! Health – part 1 For quite some time I’ve known I am overweight and...

Insomnia Dec04


I have no idea how many people experience genuine insomnia in their lives. Maybe everyone has it at least once, maybe brought on due to stress or self induced through too much intake of stimulants like caffeine. Chronic and repetitive insomnia though is something I’m confident very few...

Having a clear out Oct10

Having a clear out

As part of my ongoing personal project to clear out all the stuff I really don’t need from my life I realised I have literally hundreds of books. This shouldn’t be of great surprise to most since I worked for a publishing wing for over a decade, plus I like books generally speaking. However I very rarely read a book twice and the sheer amount of space these take up is just too much. So instead of hoarding them forever I figure why not offer them to a new home and turn them into a little spending cash for myself in the meantime?

Tryathletes Sep22


Those who know me are aware that I have run a couple of triathlons now and am gradually getting better at it as I improve my fitness and learn more about the sport. It began really as something which I always fancied the idea of and when I got the chance to actually take part in an event it gave me the push to make good on my desire to regain a higher level of fitness than my desk job laziness had created.

Lottery what if Jul27

Lottery what if

Tonight the Euromillions has an estimated jackpot of £105 million. Which is quite frankly an obscene amount of money, but what would you do if you won that much? Overnight your world could change completely. Here’s what I would do …