This is quite simply the home of everything I feel the desire to talk about on a personal level, mostly my interests of Technology, Gaming and Film but I will undoubtedly wander into other topics over time. Hopefully you’ll find something of interest and I would love you to share any comments and discussion which spring from my posts.

The name Seventy9° comes from my desire to talk about and discuss many different things and the year I was born, 1979. Apparently 79 degrees Fahrenheit is about 26.1 Celsius, that’s about as interesting a factoid as I could find about the actual temperature level, perhaps I’ll come up with something much more interesting in the future …

Who am I? Well I am freelance freelance front end web developer working mostly with WordPress. Having managed and run websites for over a decade now my expertise lies in HTML and CSS with a strong knowledge of user experience design, search engine optimisation and many other supporting technologies.

Born in Scotland shortly after (well, during I suppose) the Iranian revolution I grew up all over the world until I eventually settled in Nottingham where I have lived for the past decade.

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