Resolutions 2014 Dec31

Resolutions 2014

This time last year I decided to give resolutions a try again, with the best of intentions but perhaps like many people’s they were perhaps over ambitious. Review of 2013 Health I’m not sure if I should chalk this up as a win or not. Whilst I didn’t lose the weight I had...

Films of 2013 Dec31

Films of 2013

This year I decided to record every film I watched, whether it was at the cinema or at home. 1.   Jan-01 – Alien 2.  Jan-02 – Godzilla 3. Jan-03 – Avatar 4. Jan-04 – Ghost in the Shell 5. Jan-05 – X-Men Origins: Wolverine 6. Jan-05 – Sucker Punch 7. Jan-06...

Prison Architect Dec30

Prison Architect

As ever I pick up random games regularly, sometimes on recommendation and Prison Architect was one of them. Game play There is no way I can possibly describe just how addictive this game can be. It looks and sounds simple as a concept. However once you get going there are intricate things you...

Grid 2 Dec30

Grid 2

Games from my childhood which really stood out in my memory were Lotus Esprit Turbo Challenge and Jaguar XJ220, racing games which I spent hours and hours playing. It has been a while since I played any racing games though, discounting any driving in games like GTA, as I never did get into any of the more recent titles like Dirt or the Colin McRae series before that. Whilst I played Test Drive Unlimited 2 a lot that is certainly not what I would consider a racing game, particularly with the open world aspect and meta game for collecting various fashion accessories etc. That changed though when I joined the folks in buying Grid 2. Gameplay...

Gravity movie review Nov25

Gravity movie review

The suspense film genre recently has been fairly unimpressive, at least I can’t think of anything since Phonebooth that I really enjoyed because of its storyline and simple premise. When I heard that Sandra Bullock and George Clooney were going to be in a film based entirely in space I wondered if it would be good, and the trailer looked pretty solid. So a couple of weeks ago I went with my friend to see how Sandra and George work together and now here is my Gravity movie review.

Raspbmc firewall por...

This is how I managed to adjust the Raspbmc firewall port rules to allow external connection to my ZNC server running on the Raspberry Pi.

Man of Steel Jun30

Man of Steel

When I was very young my parents took me to see the first Superman and apparently when I saw him on screen I exclaimed “Look at the big man!”, so following from that early event in my life and the intriguing trailers I decided to give this latest remake, Man of Steel, a shot.

Star Trek Into Darkness May24

Star Trek Into Darkn...

Having quite enjoyed his first film in this reboot series I decided for my birthday I’d see where Abrams went with the story in Star Trek Into Darkness.

Raspberry Pi media centre

Having splashed out on a new TV and receiver I needed something affordable and quiet to playback all my media. Enter Raspbmc, the Raspberry Pi media centre.

Google Chrome extens...

My browser of choice is Google Chrome and you can customise your experience with Google Chrome extensions. These are the selection which I have installed and use regularly.

Capture and Leash

The Capture camera clip and Leash are products of Peak Design, a company I discovered originally through Kickstarter. These products are really quite awesome frankly, let me tell you why.

Kerbal Space Program Apr26

Kerbal Space Program

At the latest DaGodz LAN one game became the go to game in between all the others, the Kerbal Space Program. Gameplay The game is pretty simple in terms of concept, build a rocket and launch probes or little astronauts (who have comical expressions when it goes wrong) into space. However it...

Heart of the Swarm – Starcraft 2 Mar24

Heart of the Swarm – Starcraft 2

My favourite (and easily most played) game of 2012 was Starcraft 2 and so I have been looking forward to the release of the first expansion Heart of the Swarm. This weekend at DG LAN 9 was when I was able to play through the campaign for the first time. Gameplay – Heart of the Swarm vs Wings of Liberty Singleplayer The core of the Starcraft 2 game hasn’t changed. It is still the awesome real time strategy (RTS) game which was launched three years ago. The same game which has brought massive esports coverage online to thousands of viewers watching their favourite players play with passion to win massive prizes. From a single...

Bastion Mar19


Having been told that Bastion is a game which was brilliant because of its styling and story telling I though I would give it a try. Within minutes I was sucked in because of its simplicity but high quality production.

Django Unchained Feb20

Django Unchained

  Having left his mark on big screen history with Reservoir Dogs and Pulp Fiction in the early nineties Quentin Tarantino kept on going with the Kill Bill films (did you know a third part has been announced?) and Sin City as well as several others. His style of production and direction is quite distinctive when you compare with his peers of this era and so I couldn’t miss his latest offering. Plot Several of the films I have seen lately have had plots which have particularly large leaps of faith, or were quite simply poor, but Quentin kept it simple and just used some nice twists and turns to keep the viewer interested. In fact I...

A Good Day To Die Hard Feb17

A Good Day To Die Ha...

The infamous John McClane (Bruce Willis) returns for his fifth time on the silver screen some six years after his last outing. I give it a 2.5 out of 5.

Job hunting Feb05

Job hunting

If you don’t want to read the whole thing you can always jump to my summary with quick tips at the bottom. The redundancy Last year my time at Games Workshop ended as my role was made redundant, in a way I was a victim of my own success actually, and after 11 years working there it was...

Films for 2013 Feb03

Films for 2013

Whilst it isn’t an absolutely definitive list these are some of the films I am looking forward to, or plan to see, in 2013: Django Unchained Zero Dark Thirty A Good Day To Die Hard The Evil Dead Oblivion Iron Man 3 The Iceman Star Trek into darkness Man of Steel World War Z Kick-Ass 2...

eBooks and physical ...

I’ve been involved in or heard the eBook and physical book conversation several times, which can take many different forms from heated to jovial but I feel rarely actually reaches any real conclusion. Why? Because I believe people are approaching the conversation entirely the wrong way...

Atom Zombie Smasher Jan02

Atom Zombie Smasher

A little present from my brother (who is intent on screwing over my Project Completion resolution) this game was an instant hit for me, perfect for squashing some Zed if you have just half an hour or a rainy day to kill. Gameplay Once again a game with simple design, premise and style  makes for an enjoyable experience. All you have to do is choose your unit, point and click, then let things happen. Maybe point and click again. Oh, lots of zombies? Ok, rapid pointing and clicking! Furiously panicked clicking! ARGH! THEY NEVER STOP! … The pacing is well done, and you literally dive straight in without needing to know much at all. Of...