Lottery what if Jul27

Lottery what if

Tonight the Euromillions has an estimated jackpot of £105 million. Which is quite frankly an obscene amount of money, but what would you do if you won that much? Overnight your world could change completely. Here’s what I would do …

Endomondo review

For those of us who like to get out and about technology can add a whole new element to the experience with GPS tracking software. Since the majority of android and iOS smart phones come with GPS built in it is possible for apps to record your outdoors activities and give you some pretty maps afterwards, and a whole host of other things as well! For instance you can see what your pace was like (and maybe realise why you were so tired at a specific point) as well as things like the altitude and even overlay on satellite maps, as well as sharing with your friends via Twitter, Facebook etc.

Prometheus Jul05


Since the release of this film there has been a lot of debate online, some say the script was poor, others that people were expecting something Ridley Scott had never intended and yet others are hailing it as an outright masterpiece. As a result of coming late to the party I didn’t think I would be watching something amazing, but as it is set in the same universe as the Alien films I was hoping for something with good suspense and a bit of intrigue.

Ice Age 4 Jul01

Ice Age 4

Having not been to the cinema with minime for quite some time when I noticed the latest Ice Age film was out I thought it would be good fun and a nice treat for the weekend. Plot As you might expect from the latest in a now long line of animated films about a prehistoric group of animals the...