Brave Aug30


As part of our annual trip to Scotland to see my parents it seemed only fitting that we take mini-me to see Brave, so armed with two Orange phones we headed over to the Cineworld in Dundee for some entertainment.

The Lorax Aug16

The Lorax

Since it was mini-me’s birthday I gave him the treat of going to the cinema. A proper, popcorn in hand, father and son visit to enjoy a film of his choosing. On this occasion it was The Lorax, apparently he was really looking forward to seeing it so off we went!

Upgrading the core p...

In the first part I talked about the core components of the system which I chose for this upgrade, namely the motherboard, processor, CPU cooler and RAM. These will let a machine turn on but of course aren’t enough for you to actually run Windows and applications, for that you need...

Upgrading the core

Computers are always changing these days and have been for the last few decades. I remember my first Windows computer, a 486 processor running at 33MHz with 300Mb hard drive, which I later upgraded to a blistering 100MHz. Now PCs have up to 8 times as many processors and run at speeds up to 50 times higher with storage simply unthinkably large compared to the days of floppy discs. Heck even the CD / DVD has ceased to be what people save their transferable files onto due to cloud storage or USB keys which store many gigabytes of data. Something buddies and I were having a laugh about over a couple of beers today in fact!