Plants vs Zombies Nov26

Plants vs Zombies

On a whim I decided about two weeks ago to give this a game a shot since I hadn’t actually played it, but had heard that it was worth a shot. How little did I know … Gameplay The biggest thing about this game is that the it is simple enough to play, yet you can make so many...

Skyfall Nov21


  There have been many faces of James Bond over the years and Daniel Craig is the latest one, having starred as 007 in Quantum of Solace and Casino Royale before that. I think of the prior actors Timothy Dalton, Roger Moore and Sean Connery are the ones which stick in my mind as they were in films I watched during my early teens. Though of course Pierce Brosnan was in several movies but that was when I was finishing school or at university so inevitably my memory of those years is dominated more by other things. Now the new face has his third movie (with several more slated apparently) in Skyfall. Plot As the quintessential action hero...

Osmos Nov12


Simultaneously relaxing and frustrating at times Osmos is a game of such simple premise yet with a great puzzle challenge which makes it thoroughly enjoyable.

Carry in style

When it comes to carrying your stuff, not your shopping but rather your camera say, in my opinion there is only one brand which is worth going with. Crumpler.