Prison Architect Dec30

Prison Architect

As ever I pick up random games regularly, sometimes on recommendation and Prison Architect was one of them. Game play There is no way I can possibly describe just how addictive this game can be. It looks and sounds simple as a concept. However once you get going there are intricate things you...

Bastion Mar19


Having been told that Bastion is a game which was brilliant because of its styling and story telling I though I would give it a try. Within minutes I was sucked in because of its simplicity but high quality production.

Atom Zombie Smasher Jan02

Atom Zombie Smasher

A little present from my brother (who is intent on screwing over my Project Completion resolution) this game was an instant hit for me, perfect for squashing some Zed if you have just half an hour or a rainy day to kill. Gameplay Once again a game with simple design, premise and style  makes for an enjoyable experience. All you have to do is choose your unit, point and click, then let things happen. Maybe point and click again. Oh, lots of zombies? Ok, rapid pointing and clicking! Furiously panicked clicking! ARGH! THEY NEVER STOP! … The pacing is well done, and you literally dive straight in without needing to know much at all. Of...

Plants vs Zombies Nov26

Plants vs Zombies

On a whim I decided about two weeks ago to give this a game a shot since I hadn’t actually played it, but had heard that it was worth a shot. How little did I know … Gameplay The biggest thing about this game is that the it is simple enough to play, yet you can make so many...