Having a clear out Oct10

Having a clear out

As part of my ongoing personal project to clear out all the stuff I really don’t need from my life I realised I have literally hundreds of books. This shouldn’t be of great surprise to most since I worked for a publishing wing for over a decade, plus I like books generally speaking. However I very rarely read a book twice and the sheer amount of space these take up is just too much. So instead of hoarding them forever I figure why not offer them to a new home and turn them into a little spending cash for myself in the meantime?

Completing my Steam library Oct05

Completing my Steam library

Recently whilst browsing Reddit I found someone who had decided he was going to “try” and complete his entire Steam collection of games, which to some might not mean anything whilst it makes others guffaw with laughter because they know that is probably an impossible task. However for several months now I’ve remembered I have literally dozens of games in my Steam library which haven’t even been installed, let alone played. Many have been acquired in sales, but even then I’ve spent the money so should get my entertainment value from them. So I’ve decided I’m going to do it as well!

Honest trailers

Every once in a while you come across a true gem on Youtube and recently I came across these series of “Honest trailers” where a group of enthusiasts have cut together their own trailers for box office movies. Instead of the classic marketing script for the voice over they pick out flaws, faults and cliches whilst still making it sound enthusiastic for the most part. The comic timing is great and well worth a watch! Below are my favourites but there are a couple more, and undoubtedly more to come.

Total Recall Oct01

Total Recall

Following on from seeing Dredd and several other remake / reboot movies over the last few months I decided I had to go and see the 2012 version of Total Recall. The Arnie version is practically comical now if you watch it back with one liners littered throughout the script, so when I saw this trailer and got the impression it was trying to take the concept a little more seriously it had me intrigued.