Upgrading the core

Computers are always changing these days and have been for the last few decades. I remember my first Windows computer, a 486 processor running at 33MHz with 300Mb hard drive, which I later upgraded to a blistering 100MHz. Now PCs have up to 8 times as many processors and run at speeds up to 50 times higher with storage simply unthinkably large compared to the days of floppy discs. Heck even the CD / DVD has ceased to be what people save their transferable files onto due to cloud storage or USB keys which store many gigabytes of data. Something buddies and I were having a laugh about over a couple of beers today in fact!

Lottery what if Jul27

Lottery what if

Tonight the Euromillions has an estimated jackpot of £105 million. Which is quite frankly an obscene amount of money, but what would you do if you won that much? Overnight your world could change completely. Here’s what I would do …

Endomondo review

For those of us who like to get out and about technology can add a whole new element to the experience with GPS tracking software. Since the majority of android and iOS smart phones come with GPS built in it is possible for apps to record your outdoors activities and give you some pretty maps afterwards, and a whole host of other things as well! For instance you can see what your pace was like (and maybe realise why you were so tired at a specific point) as well as things like the altitude and even overlay on satellite maps, as well as sharing with your friends via Twitter, Facebook etc.

Prometheus Jul05


Since the release of this film there has been a lot of debate online, some say the script was poor, others that people were expecting something Ridley Scott had never intended and yet others are hailing it as an outright masterpiece. As a result of coming late to the party I didn’t think I would be watching something amazing, but as it is set in the same universe as the Alien films I was hoping for something with good suspense and a bit of intrigue.

Ice Age 4 Jul01

Ice Age 4

Having not been to the cinema with minime for quite some time when I noticed the latest Ice Age film was out I thought it would be good fun and a nice treat for the weekend. Plot As you might expect from the latest in a now long line of animated films about a prehistoric group of animals the...

Diablo 3, a gamer’s review Jun22

Diablo 3, a gamer...

Players of the Diablo series of games from Blizzard have been waiting years for the third part, strangely I was not amongst them as I had never played the first two. However as so many of the folks in #DaGodz were planning to get it, and spend many an hour playing it, I decided I would join them and see what the excitement was all about.

That was a month ago.

Kindle gen 4

For quite some time I had been considering buying a new tablet. My trusty Archos 5 has done me well but it is ageing and I would like a lightweight device which lets me do many basic web tasks without needing to boot a PC and read eBooks. However most reasonable 10″ Android tablets aren’t that light, and they aren’t all that cheap either considering you are paying for a portable low power computer now.

So as I read regularly, and indeed have an increasingly large eBook library for web related subjects and fiction, I decided to get a Kindle.

Iron Sky May24

Iron Sky

It was my birthday yesterday, and what greater treat could there be than going for a steak with friends followed by a crazy movie … and this was certainly out there. Literally. Nazi’s on the moon out there. More of a film for those who are movie buffs, the scene paying homage to Downfall was particularly amusing but blatant however there were a lot more to pick up on.

Read on for a more detailed review.

The Raid: Redemption May20

The Raid: Redemption

Having absolutely no idea what this film was about before going to the cinema I turned up with friends expecting an action movie which would be fun, but no high expectations. What I came out with was an absolute adrenalin rush that lasted probably just as long as the film! Overall I really enjoyed this film, it is going directly onto my Blu Ray purchase list for the future.

Read on for a more detailed review.