Iron Sky


It was my birthday yesterday, and what greater treat could there be than going for a steak with friends followed by a crazy movie … and this was certainly out there. Literally. Nazi’s on the moon out there.


As predictably amusing as the plot of this fanciful SF comedy tale is somehow it all runs together, even if it does stumble here and there. Littered with dozens of movie references the storyline is so tongue in cheek throughout that whilst you can probably predict the whole thing from the opening ten minutes it does have a certain charm.

The comedy is lighthearted, maybe a little stayed in places but there are plenty of good chuckles throughout. Whilst it isn’t exactly a complicated storyline there are some nice twists and turns on top of the quips and blatant innuendos. I did feel there was a slightly over the top dark moment but otherwise it is an entertaining story.


I would have to say that the credits list is a slightly random list, though of course Udo Kier is widely a recognisable face and provides a strong central part. However Götz Otto is quite frankly the stand out for me, and undoubtedly there is the reference to Downfall through him as well. Of course everyone focuses on Julia Dietze and you can’t help but admire her because she is well placed. Renate Richter is a seriously clichéd character brought to life by her performance, some nice subtleties and straight up sexiness. The supporting cast is a bit hit and miss, slightly rigid performances but to be fair I wasn’t surprised and if anything it added to the overall kitsch feeling.

Visuals & effects

The variation in production is quite high in this particular title is a little perplexing, some sections the blue screening is truly B movie yet others it isn’t. At the end of the day because the film never takes itself seriously it doesn’t matter though, and the hilarious wardrobe for the characters more than makes up for it. Someone out there was allowed to go wild with stereotyped clothing and styles, which to be fair they did pretty well given the fairly low budget. It isn’t however far enough gone down that track, so unlike Machete or Planet Terror which actually play on being produced with the intent of appearing cheesy Iron Sky seems to be inbetween them and a Police Academy slapstick.


There isn’t a lot to say about the audio for Iron Sky, it works and if anything is adequate just like the visuals. It doesn’t leave you wanting or struggling to understand anything, but isn’t blockbuster either. Not that this should come as a surprise after all, you just have to take a look at the posters to get an idea of the level intended for the film.


Enjoyable, amusing and certainly one for the film geeks out there. One I suspect I’ll watch again when I fancy some SF comedy and probably worth a giggle if it comes on TV and you have the desire for some amusing accents, truly random story and … well you get the idea!