Honest trailers

Every once in a while you come across a true gem on Youtube and recently I came across these series of “Honest trailers” where a group of enthusiasts have cut together their own trailers for box office movies. Instead of the classic marketing script for the voice over they pick out flaws, faults and cliches whilst still making it sound enthusiastic for the most part. The comic timing is great and well worth a watch! Below are my favourites but there are a couple more, and undoubtedly more to come.

Brave Aug30


As part of our annual trip to Scotland to see my parents it seemed only fitting that we take mini-me to see Brave, so armed with two Orange phones we headed over to the Cineworld in Dundee for some entertainment.

The Lorax Aug16

The Lorax

Since it was mini-me’s birthday I gave him the treat of going to the cinema. A proper, popcorn in hand, father and son visit to enjoy a film of his choosing. On this occasion it was The Lorax, apparently he was really looking forward to seeing it so off we went!

Ice Age 4 Jul01

Ice Age 4

Having not been to the cinema with minime for quite some time when I noticed the latest Ice Age film was out I thought it would be good fun and a nice treat for the weekend. Plot As you might expect from the latest in a now long line of animated films about a prehistoric group of animals the...

Iron Sky May24

Iron Sky

It was my birthday yesterday, and what greater treat could there be than going for a steak with friends followed by a crazy movie … and this was certainly out there. Literally. Nazi’s on the moon out there. More of a film for those who are movie buffs, the scene paying homage to Downfall was particularly amusing but blatant however there were a lot more to pick up on.

Read on for a more detailed review.