Resolutions 2013

I haven’t made any New Years Resolutions in quite some time, and I rarely tried to stick to them when I did in the past, however this year I want to give it a shot. So here are my resolutions for this year!

Health – part 1

For quite some time I’ve known I am overweight and need to do something about this, it is time I really committed to that and did something about it. Currently I vary between 92 and 94kg in weight with an ultimate aim of 80kg for a lean build, but realistically speaking I don’t expect to manage to lose 1kg a month on average. With that in mind I plan to try and get down to 86kg, effectively the half way mark and what I hope will spell the end of my large belly to be replaced with perhaps a small paunch! To achieve this I’m going to eat more food I cook myself, less of it and generally healthier types as well as …

Health – part 2

In order to lose weight I need to get into a new exercise habit rather than doing it when the mood takes me. This year I did the couch to 5km plan over the course of two months and enjoyed it, I know now that I can run consistently for a good 25 minutes and want to capitalise on that and start improving for my triathlon attempt later in the year. To this end I am going to try and get into the habit of swimming three times a week, running three times a week and doing some weights based resistance training twice a week.


In the latter half of this year I have been working a lot on sites which are run on WordPress and I have learnt a lot, so much so that I have ideas for themes of my own creation and a good understanding of how to create them. As a minimum I want to release at least three themes for sale, most likely through Themeforest, but if I really get into the swing of it then I’ll go for a full dozen.


It can be said that I am quite a visual person, in fact the main layout of this blog as it stands currently has a strongly graphical style, and I really enjoyed taking lots of photos this year so I want to make a little personal project out of it – 365 photos of Nottingham. Obviously the idea is to take the equivalent of a photo a day, though in all reality I will probably do batches every couple of weeks.


Not so long ago I started up Project Completion where I am trying to work  my way through the games in my Steam library. Whilst I have absolutely no illusions of managing to complete them all (partly because Steam sales mean I’ll acquire at least  couple more, and Heart of the Swarm is coming which will monopolise my gaming for a couple of months) I do want to give this a shove. As I am sitting on roughly 10% ‘complete’ my target is going to be 33% by the end of 2013.