Kerbal Space Program

At the latest DaGodz LAN one game became the go to game in between all the others, the Kerbal Space Program.


The game is pretty simple in terms of concept, build a rocket and launch probes or little astronauts (who have comical expressions when it goes wrong) into space. However it isn’t all that simple, it isn’t as simple as pressing launch and watching your creation put your Stayputnik II into orbit. At least not until you’ve spent a while experimenting and learning how to achieve some sort of stable orbit! Vessel stability, stages, control surfaces, weight, fuel … the list of things to think about before you consider stages, trajectory and sub orbital or orbital manoeuvres is actually quite lengthy. Of course you can just launch something into the air and watch it explode / crash land if you want!


Things are kept pretty simple in this game because at the end of the day you mostly look at the rocket and not the scenery on the ground. That said though I’m sure in due course we’ll see extra packs to improve the star fields in space etc it does more than enough for now.


There really aren’t many extras currently in game, however there are a wealth of dlc parts which you can install from the website if you want to. Everything from space stations through to different sizes of ion engine.

Replay value

There are so many parts that really you could build thousands of rockets and space ships to keep yourself amused for many, many hours. If you enjoy this game, you’ll probably play it over and over.

Kerbal Space Program – a good laugh

Kerbal Space Program - 4 stars

The reason I’m giving this 4 stars is because it is perhaps a little expensive for what it provides in comparison to other titles at the same price level and it still has a lot more to add in to it. It is however a great little game which can provide some good laughs as well as stretch the brain a little.

Kerbal Space Program Apr26


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